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Turn Self-Love into a HABIT.

Greetings and happy brand spanking new year from all of us at Your Box Box.

However you chose to ring in 2019 (home in your pjs before 10 PM? we see you. we were you!) we hope it was perfection.

It will come as no surprise we aren’t big believers in the New Year New You! notion.

Sure, we’re always grateful to greet a fresh 365.

Yep, we applaud those in our Lady Posse who are striving to make shifts. 

That said, we love you just the way you are.

We love ourselves unconditionally even if nothing ever changes.



(there’s always a but, huh?)

We do have one thing on our collective minds during this first month of the year.

On one hand it’s the same stuffs we always have on our minds:

Prioritizing pleasure

And, on the other hand (when it’s free. when it’s done ‘pleasure providing’), it’s different.

It’s an awareness sometimes self-love is easier said than done.

We desire to make ‘fingering the fine china’ a priority—yet we do not. 

We find ourselves unable to make the time. 

Here’s where harnessing the power of a brand new year works in our favor. 

Four words: enter Your Box Box. 

More words: build better rituals around making self-love a nonnegotiable.

Key word: RITUALS  

Rituals are the actions we put in place which term behaviors into habits. 

Creating a ritual around self-care (because pleasure is the ultimate self-care, right?) is why Your Box Box was created.

A monthly ‘ritual in a box’ where all that’s asked of you is: open and enjoy!

Yes creating/maintaining a daily ‘fingerpainting practice’ will result in a healthy, happier you.

But, in order to get there, you must tap into the prolific power of rituals. 

You must fall in love with the new ritual you’ve created. 

Because, only after that, will your behavior easily turn to habit. 

Your Box Box: providing ease of ritual creation since 2018. 

Launching soon. 

Are YOU signed up?

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