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The Mavens of Masturbation: Betty Dodson

You know that thing? 

That thing where you discover something and it’s been around for a while but you think “How did I not know about this??”

And, on some level, you kindasorta convince yourself you’re the first person to discover it because it’s that amazing and you can’t believe any human ever knew about it before you? 

Because if they did how did they not shout it from the rooftops?!

Ménage a MOI is like that for us. 

It relaxes.

It keeps us healthy.

It increases our gray matter

How on earth is everyone not talking about paddling the pink canoe all. the. time?!

We here at YBB decided to take matters into our collective hands (wink), do some research, and investigate the Foremothers of Masturbation.

Educate ourselves, and by extension you, as to exactly who the trailblazing women are who championed self-love long before it was considered “appropriate.”

Meet Betty Dodson.

An artist by training and an American sex educator by life-design.

Dodson, widely viewed as a pioneer in the women's liberation movement, authored the Your Box Box approved (if by 'approved' you mean adored which we do) book: Sex For One.

Helloooo Betty the unapologetic advocate of clicking our *own* homepage!

Dodson, fearless around promoting self-love in an era which wasn't as open-minded, led workshops for women promoting Box exploration and climax-seeking.

These experiential events were groundbreaking for the time and, given the climate of our time, are pretty damn mind-opening today.

Think Tony Robbins meets Your Box Box with a thick swath of Hitachi Magic Wand on top.

Brava, Betty, for teaching us vibrators are everywhere when we git creative.

Dodson deserves our thank you for spearheading exploration of the 'suggestion' (yep, wasn't a given!) women could enjoy menage a moi, experience full & prolonged pleasure during, and this was a right not a serendipitous occurrence.

Sound like anyone else you know?

Betty? Salute you with those Hitachi wands of the 60’s.

We recognize you as one of the first women to create a movement around the existence of female pleasure.

Our Boxes thank you. 

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