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The Confidence Gap

The Confidence Gap

Recently, as we sat around HQ packing boxes, the subject of confidence came up. 

Confidence at work. 

Confidence in life. 

Confidence when dating. 

Confidence in parenting. 

All varieties and ways this word shows up in life to challenge us. 

Some expressed gratitude about the aging process. 

Recognizing not only had it sparked a surge of confidence, the confidence which showed up with age brought along her BFF, No F*cks To Give, as an added bonus!

Another shared struggles with situational lack of confidence as she attempted to believe in herself after struggles with anxiety. 
Yet another revealed how she battled a deep lack of confidence after experiencing a job loss. 

We had all experienced the notion of confidence differently.

The one area, however, where we intersected was around the male/female confidence gap. 

We’d all been on the receiving end of seemingly misplaced confidence lobbed our way by the mediocre white male.  We debated, as we packed pleasure products, the origin of this confidence disparity. 

Are men hardwired to believe in themselves more than we?

Does there exist, as with happiness, a confidence “set point?” Is this something we can stretch & increase as we age?

What would it look like to step fully and brazenly into our female power?

How would we act? 

What would it feel like? 

What life experiences would occur or could we seek in order to more explore and empower confidence in ourselves?

And an idea for a post-series was born.

Short pieces.

By us.

By you.

Musings about confidence lost and found.

Join us. 

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