Your Box Box

The ABCs of Self-Love.

Some of us are already doing it frequently, but wouldn’t mind a way to spice it up/shake it up/learn about new and innovated options. 

Others of us aren’t doing it enough and wouldn’t mind a discreet way to educate and empower ourselves around this solo activity.

Enter Your Box Box.

Creating a pleasurable experience around ménage a moi is precisely why Your Box Box was created. 

And, when comes to talks around diddling Miss Daisy, we’re your girls.

We’re a company whose idea of utopia is a land where women chat as freely about sexual self-pleasure as we do annual physicals or boob smooshing appointments. 

To that end we are here with the basics. 

The ABC’s of paddling your pink canoe with the belief an orgasm is every woman’s right not something which should be left to chance. 



This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you have it – – you know it.  

Often referred to as the velvet glove (OK not really, but we’re trying to make that catch on) this pleasurable area takes center stage during masturbation. 

Raise your hand if you knew what we commonly referred to as the vagina is really the vulva?

It is. 

So as not to confuse anyone from here on out we shall refer to our triangles of love as our Boxes. 



This is the prime self-love pleasure spot and where most of us focus when we spend time she-bopping. 

Locate it. 

Meet it. 

Get to know it intimately. 

The clitoris is your BFF. 


Labia majora labia minora. 


These are the two flaps of skin running alongside the outside of your Box.

Sensitivity in these areas varies wildly from woman to woman.

Some find them not sensitive at all while others choose to make them a self-pleasure focal point. 

Good news: the only way to find out what you feel is to explore. 

Go ahead.

We’ll wait. 



Ahhhhh anal play. 

We are an office divided around this one, but that’s a blog post for a different day.

We do, however, agree the anus possesses a panoply of nerve endings which serve as phenomenal pleasure receptors. 

It’s also an area some of us think far too few women explore solo. 

We here at Your Box Box intend to offer opportunities to change that…one booty at a time. 



Finding this area has become the holy grail o’masturbation. 

Located two or three Inches inside the vagina the G-spot is best reached and massaged through dildos or vibrators. 

In the spirit of full disclosure (a.k.a. overshare. a.k.a get comfy with it! You’re officially invited to join the masturbation movement!), we are also a box divided over whether we’ve experienced the G-spot orgasm or not. 

But we intend to keep trying...



We all know the importance of foreplay when it comes to sexy time with partners. 

No arousal + zero investment in sparking our desire = No happyhappy. 

Ménage a moi works the same way!

Self-pleasure feels waaaay more satisfying when we spend time on self-titillation prior to getting down. 

We need to ready our mind/box connection for the excitement to come (yes pun. yes intended. yes usually our preferred outcome.). 

This is where Your Box Box comes in.

Each monthly shipment contains all the items required not just to orgasm, but to create an entire sensual, relaxing, mind/box experience. 

Which leads us to...



One of the best ways to begin readying our bodies for masturbation is something we like to call tingle touching. 

(We know, right? You can guess exactly where were going with this one…)

Whether it’s your first time exploring masturbation or you’ve ‘jilled off’ for years it’s important to reconnect with our bodies prior to each experience.   

This reconnection is as simple as gently touching or rubbing yourself where ever feels best to you

Feeling awkward?

Uncertain what feels sensual?

We get you. We’ve been there. 

Try starting with a light feathery touch anywhere on your body and pay attention to where cries out to be next.

Neck, chest, inner thighs… 

Let no area go unexplored and allow your mind and box to tune into each other (and out of the rest of your day). 


Masturbation, as with most things in life, is best enjoyed without attachment to the outcome.

What do we mean by that?

Sure an eye rolling, toe curling orgasm is fantastic, but coming in a verrrry close second are the sensations we experience while we explore our way there!

Even during sessions where we might not quite make it to climax we still learn about ourselves, our bodies and what turns us on. 

And, even more important, nothing is better than this ‘ultimate in safe sex‘ when it comes to stress reduction.

Enjoy the process because the process is turning you into your most zen self. 


And that’s it!

Whether you are finger-painting your way to orgasm or employing the aid of a toy accessory—-you now possess all the answers.

All *you* need to do is lie back and enjoy. 

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