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Sex toys: Do more than let your fingers do the walking!

We've chatted how masturbation is the ultimate sex with someone you love. 
It can be planned. 
It can be spontaneous. 
It can be done in the bedroom. 
It can happen in other intriguing locales. 
It can be toe curling, mind blowing, and explosive. 
It can be....routine
And one thing we all agree upon is boring sex is boring sex whether it’s with a partner or yourself. 
((sad trombone))
Enter Your Box Box
Reason #1 we’re the go-to subscription box for women who know sexual satisfaction is a must not a maybe.  
Women who who want to carpe the climax and take matters into their own hands. 
And we we make it simple. 
We curate the latest in all things self-love; you relax and receive. 
Now, if you still need convincing why you should include (us and) pleasure products in your DIY-sessions, we’ve got that covered, too. 

Sex toys keep things surprising. 

Let’s face it, we are all pretty freaking familiar with our fingers. We see those things all day every day. 
Sure, we may have some intrigue in store when we place them between our legs, but predictability kicks in pretty soon thereafter. 
Sex toys help keep things unexpected.
Different sizes. Different shapes. Vibration. No vibration.
We here at Your Box Box believe in always having a panoply of pleasure within arms reach. 
Sex toys fill partner-sex void in a way fingers cannot. 
Let’s face it, dildos and vibrators are literally and metaphorically up to the task in a way our fingers simply are not 

Toys. Are. Sexy!

We all have favorites. We all are turned on and turned off by different shapes sizes and even colors of pleasure products.  

At Your Box Box HQ we also have a broad definition of what the phrase sex toy includes. 
For us it comes down to sex toys encompassing all elements which enhance our masturbatory sessions. 
Scene setting candles. 
Scented oils. 
Vibrating jewelry. 
Nipple clamps. 
They all fall under the same sexy umbrella for us!
Not yet sold? 
Need one more reason? 
Rumor on the scientific-street is the key to unlocking multiple orgasms can be found by using a vibrator. 
Is this true? We don’t know. 
We do know we’re committed to “practicing” until we find out for certain.
Join us.  

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