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Sex toys: coming clean!

We love our sex toys

Sure, we have amazing imaginations. 

Yes, we adore erotica. 

But, more often than not, it requires both of those and some enhancement to get us exactly where we long to go.

And, many nights, where we plan to go more than once. 

But we digress. 

We love our pleasure products and learned the hard way when we don’t show them love in return things go awry.

Yeast infections. 

Bacterial infections. 

Even sexually transmitted diseases if you’re toy-sharing with a partner (!).

None of these are what we seek when we reach into our toy-drawer; all of these are preventable if we seize a few minutes of post-orgasmic bliss and set ourselves up for climaxes to come.

Simple steps, a dollop or two of mild soap, and a clean damp cloth are all you need.

First, figure out what the toy is made of/if it’s motorized. 

Many of our faves are silicone/motorized and require only mild soap and damp washcloth to clean. 

If the toy is glass or metal and non-motorized you have the option of running it through a soapless dishwasher cycle

This approach--which we love--essentially steam cleans the toy in anticipation of its next use.

Lastly, be certain toys are fully dry before returning to their waiting-spot. 

We recommend *not* spreading them out on a towel in your condos half-bath in case surprise visitors drop by. 

But we wouldn’t know anything about that.  :-)

We do, however, recommend storing toys in cases they arrived in or a small zippered bag to avoid accidental contact with dust, lint, or even ambient pet hair.

Admittedly, this facet of toy ownership is less than sexy. 

That said, nothing makes us happier than when we choose to seize self-care self-love time and remember a full set of clean toys awaits.

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