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10 Reasons To Become A Master At Self-Love

We could give you statistics on how many of us are masturbating (50%) but, beyond the fact we humans tend to lie about self-pleasuring proclivities, it doesn’t matter.

Masturbation is a miracle 🙌🏼

Masturbation is the gift which keeps on giving 🎁

10 reasons to become a Master Masturbator. 

1. It increases confidence.  

You don’t need us to tell you how amazing a toe-curling orgasm feels 👏🏼 

You may not know, however, when we’re aroused levels of mood-boosting dopamine and epinephrine soar. 

This is why studies show women who report satisfaction with ‘self-love sex lives’ also indicate higher overall quality of life. 

Because really. 

What’s masturbation if not sex with someone we love?! 

And, when we regularly prioritize this love, we radiate it out into the world.

2. It sparks creativity.  

Partner sex can become monotonous or repetitive 🙄

The bad news is masturbation can become predictable, too 😳

The good news?

This won’t happen when you’re a Master Masturbator!

There are many options available to keep your mouse clicking exciting. 

The great news?

We’ve got this one covered.

Your Box Box was created to bring you the latest and greatest in pleasure products/accessories. 

All you need to do is (subscribe and) lay back and enjoy. 

3. It breeds box familiarity. 

Forget the quote involving familiarity and contempt— we've decided to turn that shit on its head.

Box familiarity breeds box-love 😍

The more time we women invest in ménage a moi the better we know our vaginas! 

Our boxes will be with us forever. 

It’s time to make them our BFFs!

4. Its risk-free! 

Fear-free orgasms? 

Zero worries around pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases?

It all makes paddling the pink canoe sound perfect.

Sign us up! 🙋🏽‍♀️

5. It reduces stress

Let’s face it, the majority of us live life in the margins.

We give lip service to reducing stress, but it can feel overwhelming to even arrange a needed massage or manicure. 

Your Box Box is here to lessen your frazzle— no appointment required!

Masturbation takes our mind away from our worries while simultaneously activating the pleasure portion of our brains. 

Win. Win. WIN!


6. It helps us snag more 😴

We’ll admit many nights orgasms are our greatest sleep aid!

Here’s why:

Dopamine, the “feel-good” hormone, rises during the anticipation of climax.

And, post-orgasm, the calming hormones oxytocin and endorphins facilitate that afterglow which helps us sleep.

Ambien. Schambien. 

We prefer finger painting👌🏼

7. It enhances partner sex

We’ve all experienced relationships where we've had different libidos than our partners.

In these scenarios spicing up our sex lives with self-pleasure helps maintain sexual excitement until partner-sex occurs. 

Solo sex not solo also helps keep partner sex exciting!

Watching someone masturbate teaches us what methods they use and enjoy. 

It also serves as opportunity to create communication around what we know we like and what we might want to explore together. 


8. Its good for our health! 

We’d say “Who knew?” but we did and we’re here to make sure you do, too.

Orgasms keep our pelvic floors strong!

Orgasms prevent urinary incontinence!

Orgasms relieve cramps during menstruation! 

We like to think of it as ‘an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.’

We can’t guarantee it will work; we can guarantee it will keep you smiling if nothing else. 

9. It keeps our desire strong. 

We’ve all experienced dry spells 😭

Stretches of time without partners.

Short stints with partners away or temporarily not interested in sex 😕

In these scenarios self-pleasuring helps us to still feel feel sensual and sexual. 

It serves to remind us we have sexual cravings and know how to satisfy them!

If you’re a parent you may have heard the admonition sleep begets sleep

Guess what? 

Orgasms beget orgasms

The more we have the more we want.

And that’s a good thing. 


10. It feels f*cking awesome. 

 ‘Nuff said. 


Dec 03, 2018 • Posted by Skeeto

Paddling the pink canoe!!!!

Dec 03, 2018 • Posted by Kris Kennedy

Awesome idea!

Nov 30, 2018 • Posted by Bella

LMAO. This is so funny!

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