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Mental Health Self Care Kit

Mental Health Self Care Kit

We’ve already addressed the importance of self-care mission statements.

We’ve chatted about how self-care mission statements are like umbrellas.

These words or sentences are the overarching reason(s) why we value self-care and the actions we take to implement self-care fall underneath. 

Some of us *still* found the notion of self-care statements a tad confusing (the royal us. the around here at YBB HQ us.).

To help all of us out – – we wanted to share a few examples.

One of them ours and the rest of them submitted by you. 

It takes a village sometimes...

To leave space in my life for nourishing myself myself physically and emotionally

List items might include:

  • uplifting reading
  • time with friends
  • investing time making healthy meals. 
  • purchasing scented candles or incense sticks. 

I make time for self-love and make myself a priority in the world which may not. 

List items might include:

  •  morning rituals of reflection or gratitude 
  •   self-massage  
  •  reading daily affirmations
  • editing friends lists on social media platforms to those who bring me joy 

I take pleasure in the small things and look for joy.

List items might include:

  • daily gratitude journaling. 
  • exploring crafting (knitting/sewing/scrap-booking etc)
  • prioritizing time in nature. 
  • clean/declutter an area in your home
  • planning time with friends/family 
  • quietly watching sunrise or sunset

I make myself vulnerable and know my needs will be met.  

List items might include:

  • gifting yourself flowers. 
  • taking a yoga class. 
  • spending time selecting/buying/brewing a pot of tea. 
  • Skype date with a friend to whom you feel connected. 

I’m open to physical pleasure.

List items might include:

  • massage
  • self intimacy/masturbation
  • try a new exercise class
  • leisurely stretching 

I create an oasis of calm and unconditional positive regard on a daily basis in my home.

List items might include:

  • investing in decadent deep home cleaning
  • write/post affirmations around the house
  • create a nightly ritual of listing all the accomplishments of the day

And you?

What specific list items might fall under the umbrella of *your* self-care mission statement?

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