Your Box Box

Are you a pleasure avoider?

Do you experience guilt around taking time to simply 'be' and relax?

Do you feel the very notion of 'pleasure-seeking' comes with the connotation of lazy or slacker?

If you're a woman, then you're not alone.

Pleasure resisting or avoiding is more common than one might think and yet another reason why Your Box Box was created.

Consider the last time you let go and experienced full-on pleasure.

What sparked the feeling of delight?

Was it a decadent meal out with family?

A spontaneous weekend get-away with your Lady Posse?

An ‘end of day sure you could stay at the office, but work will be waiting for you tomorrow and samples for the next BOXshipment are on your doorstep and time spent playing chess without a bishop might be JUST what your hectic life demands?’

(not that we know ANYTHING about that last one)

If you're a woman, then you might not be able to recall the last time unmitigated pleasure filled your being.

We are on a mission to change that.

Take a moment and re-read the examples above.

On the surface they appear different (food/vacation/self-loving) yet underneath they share one important trait:

The act of letting go in order to experience pleasure.

When we gift ourselves feelings of gratification it requires we simultaneously release rigidity and control.

Not only are we compelled to shed feelings of guilt around not being productive in those moments (hello, glorification of busy!) we are forced to relax into a feeling of fulfillment.

In order to fully embrace pleasure for pleasure's sake and enjoyment born *not* from necessity we must fleetingly release control.

We must believe we are worthy of experiencing indulgence (however that looks for us as individuals).

We need to trust ourselves enough to know a pleasure-filled life is a productive one.

We must dispel old notions of joy being defined “bad” or hedonistic.

What say you?

Are you a pleasure avoider or a pleasure seeker?  

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Feb 13, 2019 • Posted by cherylann

Weekly if not daily through sex with hubby and just watching the sun rise as I run listening to coyotes songs in the background. That’s pure joy and pleasure right there.

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