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Pasties: the accessory goes from burlesque to boardroom.

Who among us has not resorted to Band-Aid-as-nipple-cover at least once?

While the idea is ingenious (especially when noticing an errant nip moments before a meeting) it definitely has a downside. 

Not only do adhesive bandages take delicate breast skin with them upon removal (ouch!); there’s no way around the fact this approach to nip-coverage is decidedly unsexy. 


Enter the pastie. 


Greetings decorative nipple covers whose adhesive is designed to work with boob skin not against!


Once used only by erotic entertainers we at Your Box Box have adopted le pastie and are unabashed fans of this sexy covering as everyday wear. 


Around our offices, in fact, pasties are used less for nipple obfuscation and more as a way to facilitate our feeling sexy about and for ourselves. 


Because, let’s be real. 


Most of our daily activities are decidedly not seductive.


They involve things like cleaning up after canines, changing out kitty litter, child chasing, work, ALL the minutia of daily living which needs to get done but does not spark feeling sensual.  


Hellooooo pastie. 


Through seizing this small swath of fabric we are, in essence, setting the mood for finger-painting to come :-)


A small secret which serves to remind us we are much more than our daily grind—and we will make to for *that* later. 


Still uncertain how to enter the world of pasties?


Consider these scenarios:


Diminutive mammaries demanding nipple coverage in a new low-backed top?


Heart-shaped pasties do the trick and give you something to smile about even during the loooongest of conference calls. 


Generously endowed and looking to create a Matryoshka doll effect upon disrobing? 


There’s nothing sexier than an ‘under bra surprise.’

The addition of hand-shaped pasties is perfection even when you are only surprising yourself!


Given the unapologetic self-love advocates we are, it will come as no surprise we believe scene setting is as important for masturbation as it is for partner sex.  


More often than not when we select our decorative nipple sticky du jour it’s in anticipation of the self-love session which awaits us.


At YBB we harness the power of the pastie to remind ourselves, no matter where we are or what we are doing, we are still sexual beings. 


Whether foundation or focal point nothing increases chances we’ll engage in DIY-time later than owning a sense of sexy 


Pastie? HERE’S TO YOU!

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