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Orgasms: 3 (little known) reasons your Box is thanking you!

We are hard pressed to believe there’s a woman out there who isn’t an advocate of the climax.

Whether we bestow it upon ourselves or have partner-assistance on the way there—what’s not to love?!

(That’s rhetorical. If you can think of something not to love we still love you, but you may not be our people #TeamOrgasm)

In an effort to make ourselves feel even better about our fondness for clicking the mouse, we sought out/discovered three little known reasons orgasms are good for us.


Orgasms fight colds.

We know.

We couldn’t believe this one either, but the research supports it and we are all in!

A study out of Germany discovered individuals who masturbated had increased adrenaline and prolactin levels and a higher number of leukocytes  

What does that mean?

It's as simple as this:

The next time you’re forced to call in sick incorporate some self-love into your self-care.

You will be back to work in no time! 


Orgasms help us lose weight 

At first glance this idea seems waaaaay too good to be true. 

Finger-paint our way fit?

Could that work?? 

It can and here’s why: 

When we are stressed (and really, who isn’t?) our bodies secrete increased levels of cortisol.

Cortisol is bad for our bods for *many* reasons including the fact it can result in increased body fat storage.

Especially around the middle.

When we choose to spend time ‘checking out the undercarriage’ and prioritizing pleasure oxytocin is released.

As we’ve mentioned before, oxytocin is the feel good hormone.  

When we climax the ‘toxin shows up, fights off cortisol, and spares our midsections the extra padding. 


Orgasms are good for grey matter. 

Scientists at Rutgers University connected masturbating women to MRI machines in order to gauge blood flow to the brain during this activity.


During the study researchers learned blood not only rushes to our Boxes during orgasm; blood floods our brains resulting in increased nutrients and oxygen there!

Climax *and* grow your cranium?!

Who wouldn't make menage a moi part of her nightly wind-down routine!?

And that’s it.

Three more reasons to prioritize pleasure and get down with your own damn self. 

Oh and BTW?

Your Box called.

She’s waiting for you. 


Dec 22, 2018 • Posted by Dating After 50

Wow! I needed to hear this.

Dec 22, 2018 • Posted by Annmarie

ya learn something new every day!

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