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Masturbation: journey not destination.

Here at YBB HQ we’ve been having a debate of sorts  

And, as always, when we can’t agree on something we like to think you must all be debating this same point, too.

Masturbation: journey or destination?

Does it matter if our girl-time produces the big O or is the ‘pleasure in the process’ enough?  

(Not rhetorical. Hit us up in the comments—we want your thoughts.)

At least for now – we reserve the right to change our minds – we’ve concluded this:

We may want to climax, but sometimes dialing the rotary phone is fun in and of itself. 

There IS joy just in jilling off  

Here’s why:

1.  It feels good.

We delve more deeply into this below, but...

Orgasm? No orgasm? Masturbation is the act of sexually stimulating ourselves and that feels pretty damn good regardless!

2. Process-oriented humans are more confident.

Yep.  This is a fact and we’re going to steal the concept for self-love, too.

When we are present and embrace experiencing the process (down to the smallest holy shit that feels good!) it re-enforces we know what we're doing and are aware of what we like.

Who can think about the grand finale when we’re having a fantastic time along the way!?

3. Enjoying the process makes us more likely to create what we want.

In relationships, in careers, and in masturbation.

It all returns to adage of: Do what you love and the orgasm will follow.

(That’s how it goes, right?)

4. Discovering joy in the “unfolding” makes us life-successful.

Again, yep.

We live in an era of ephemeral attention spans and instant gratification.

As silly as may sound embracing the process of masturbation may be key to life success (who else wants that on a tee?!).

Let’s face it, mastery of *any* skill requires time.

When we find this patience between the sheets (or on top. we're not judgie.) the learned patience and tenacity extends to the rest of our lives, too.

Here’s the thing. 

If you read this as us telling you climax or NO climax masturbation rocks – – you’d be right.

Yet it’s bigger than that.

Pleasuring ourselves is relaxing.

Putting pressure on ourselves *never* is. 

Outcome. Schmoutcome.

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