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3 reasons to prioritize pleasure during your period.

The other day, while I was waiting for my child’s hair to be checked at the lice salon #AsOneDoes, a stranger inquired what I did for a living. 

I glanced around the room, took note of the 100% female population, and it became clear which venture I should share.

"I sell a women’s monthly self-care subscription box.  It’s called Your Box Box and educates and empowers around ménage à moi.”

The room went silent for a beat (awkward combo of my being a loud talker and a small room) until one of the women said:

“Why does no one ever talk about how masturbation gets rid of menstrual cramps?!”

A conversation was sparked and a blog post born. 

Why you should prioritize pleasure during your period.

Orgasms are stronger.

For most of us menstruation means our vulvas are swollen/sensitive.  

In addition, during menstruation estrogen levels rise and progesterone levels decrease. The result of these levels shifting is testosterone rises, too. Testosterone regulates sex drive and its increase means we feel increasingly inclined to spend some DIY time between the sheets.

It relieves cramping. 

This is one of those widely known, but little talked about secrets among women.

When we climax during masturbation muscles  in the vagina and uterus contract and blood flow increases to the vulva. 

That coupled with all the ‘feel good’ hormones we release results in a ‘pain reliever free’ (and free free!) method to mitigating cramps. 

It’s (mostly) mess-free self-care. 

Who among us doesn’t long for a little pick me up during those days of the month? 

And, if you’re using menstrual cups or tampons, self-love is an easy way to provide yourself some pleasure.  

Some of us tend toward vibrators during our periods; others throw down a towel and enjoy some dildo time.

Whatever approach you choose and whatever reason masturbation during your menses makes the most sense for you remember this:

The importance of mind/box health doesn’t go on hiatus because it's that time of the month.

If anything (and if you're anything like we are) it should become even more of a priority of self-care.


Jan 16, 2019 • Posted by Andrea Eisen

This is a great piece. It’s not only entertaining (the woman shouting it out? made me laugh – you can imagine what was going through her head at the time) but also informative. I’m sharing far and wide. ;)

Jan 16, 2019 • Posted by Mona Andrei

“… DIY time between the sheets.” LOVE your wording on this :-)

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