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Creating a Self-Care Mission Statement.

Creating a Self-Care Mission Statement.
This is a subject which comes up frequently in my friend group. 
Are we making time for it?
Do we define as massage & manicure or doctors appointments & knocking shit off to-do lists?
Is there ever a scenario where we simply don’t.have.time?!
I wont pretend to possess all the answers, but one thing has become abundantly clear throughout our group texts:
Self-care wont happen unless we prioritize it. 
Opportunities for self-care rarely “just show up” (when was the last time you walked into your bathroom and found a bubble bath ready & waiting?)—we need to seek them out. 
How can we ensure this happens?
Through the creation of a self-care mission statement. 
What’s a self-care mission statement?
A self-care mission statement is an announcement of purpose
It’s an answer to the question “What makes me feel nurtured, cared for and empowered?” written with the backdrop of what you value.
What does a self-care mission statement look like?
A collection of words/thoughts which are quantifiable not vague. 
Crafting your perfect statement may take trial & error, however the result will be sentences which motivate/inspire *every time* you read them.
Is a self-care mission statement a list of things to do?
The statement is your WHY
Imagine your statement like an umbrella. 
It’s the overarching reason why you value self-care.
Underneath this umbrella will fall your specific list of activities which spark the feelings defined in your statement! 
For example, a statement might read:
I prioritize actions which provide a sense of financial/emotional security for my future. 
(list item might be: creating a side hustle)
I make time for experiences where I feel nurtured and loved. 
(list item might be: nightly self-massage)
I think I get it, but how do I create one?
Consider instances you felt loved, nurtured, and safe. 
What sparked these feelings? 
What were you doing in these moments?
Ponder core values
With regards to self-care what’s most important to you?
The external trappings of relaxation?
(haircut/new outfit
Experiencing calm from inside out?
Tackling obligations around which you have fear?
(budget making/drawing up a will)
• Brevity is key.  
My statement is 12 words. 
Others are a bit longer.
Brainstorming words which capture how you desire self-care to feel
Define the role you aspire to have self-care play in your life. 
Safe, secure, sacred, nurtured, protected, rejuvenated, prioritized. 
• Be positive. 
This should go without saying. It requires saying :-)
Avoid negative statements (I won’t work late). 
Use positive language (I will draw work-boundaries and end my day with time to relax). 
The next step is to start writing!
For me creating a self-care mission statement was a process of pondering, writing, tweaking and boom! I experienced a yes! this is it!! moment.
What do you think?
  • Have you considered how YOU define self-care?
  • Do you have a self-care mission statement?

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Mar 06, 2019 • Posted by Jen

I never considered creating a self-care mission statement, but what a wonderful idea. I’m just finally learning how to ask for what I want, the first part of that was figuring out what I want. The same goes for self-care, if I can’t articulate it, I certainly can’t expect it to happen.

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