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Clawing my way to confidence (guest post).

Clawing my way to confidence (guest post).

The following is a guest post response to The Confidence Gap.

You know that quote about “do one thing outside your comfort zone each day” or the other one which admonishes us to do something scary on the daily?

I call bullshit on that.

My entire life lately is outside of my comfort zone, scares the shit out of me and it’s not helping build my confidence.

If building confidence is like building muscles (or so my trainer says) then my life should have me looking like an American ninja warrior contestant.

Spoiler alert: I do not look like that.

I don’t know I believe there’s a confidence gap between men and women, but I think that’s mainly because I’m so focused on the confidence void within myself. 

Taking care of confidence on the home-front so to speak before I give a thought to what anyone else is doing.

I don’t have any answers around acquiring confidence.

I do, however, have a deep commitment to creating it within myself because I know it’s key for me to finding/maintaining self-love. 

To that end I'm attempting to harness the power of this mantra:

To gain confidence I must step into my life with courage.

Courage and not fear.

I'm choosing to find confidence in places which do not scare me.

I'll let you know if it works. 


Do you have musings around confidence gained or lost?

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Apr 15, 2019 • Posted by carissa

I love this .. “To gain confidence I must step into my life with courage.” I have had a week of looking for courage and confidence in things unfamiliar. Knowing we are not alone, makes me step one little bit closer to that.. Thank you !

Apr 15, 2019 • Posted by Lauren

I agree with you 100%! You have to work on yourself first and foremost. I have always had confidence, now it’s just better tuned ;). Like a fine wine., it’s getting better with age.

Apr 15, 2019 • Posted by Jennifer

When it comes to confidence and being a life long introvert, I daily have to remind myself that some people will love me, some will hate me, and really none of it has anything to do with me. So I just keep doing my thing.

Apr 15, 2019 • Posted by Debbie Woodruff

Yes! This is my life. I have spent my life “stepping outside the box,” doing things that challenge me to overcome my shyness and fear, but it has never become easier. I feel like an actress because I put on such a good show that even my husband is surprised when I tell him something scares me. Could it be that everyone is just faking it?

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