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4 Reasons Masturbation is the New Meditation.

If you are part of our Lady Posse group text, you know when we share we woke, meditated, and began our day we aren’t exactly referring to traditional meditation

As far back as any of us can remember, references to pausing our days for 'meditation' have been a euphemism for masturbation moments.

Who knew we were a friend group ahead of our time?

4 reasons masturbation is the new meditation.

Masturbation elicits the relaxation response. 

Ahh the relaxation response.

This approach to meditation (pioneered by Dr. Herbert Benson) is easily mimicked through the act of self-love.

Triggering the relaxation response helps us lessen stress, mitigate anxiety and increase our overall capacity for feeling chill. 


And, while the addition of a one word mantra helps (we favor the simple “YES!”), the only thing necessary to trigger this response is practice practice masturbationpractice. 


Masturbation forces us to be present.

In a world which touts the benefits of multitasking – – masturbation is the ultimate in monotasking. 

There’s quite literally no way we can obsess about a work deadline, worry about our kids, create a scintillating fantasy featuring a hot co-worker AND have all of that coalesce into a mind blowing orgasm. 

Like meditation, a quality self-love session demands we let everything go and be fully present with our Box. 


Masturbation helps us learn about ourselves. 

When we choose to meditate we choose to clear our minds, achieve higher consciousness, and experience a deeper sense of self. 

What other practice offers these same insights?

(all together now


When we self-love we release the worries and concerns of daily life. 

When we masturbate, at least initially, we become still. 

When we masturbate we achieve a variety of states of consciousness along the way.

Precisely like meditation.


There is no “right” way to do it!

If you’ve read this far we assume you are pretty clear around the fact there’s nothing like the release/relaxation which emerges from a good finger painting session.

In addition, with masturbation (and unlike much else in life) there’s no singular path to orgasm. 

Eyes open.

Eyes shut.

Fingers only.

All the toys in your Box (wink).

Similar to meditation, we all share the same masturbatory-destination (Hello O!) yet choose different paths to get there. 

And the process...the 'journey' all part of the fun.

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