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3 Ways to Reignite Self Confidence

3 Ways to Reignite Self Confidence

When it comes down to it self confidence is really just a deep trust in our own abilities.

A general awareness that, no matter what life throws our way, we’ve got this.

We are capable. 

But what if we end up caught in the cycle of not believing we can do it?

What if, whatever the it du jour is, we’ve somehow lost the ability to believe in ourselves?

How can we break out of a defeatist  mindset and reclaim our confidence?

Create a self assured stance

I am constantly complimented on the way I walk. 

As quirky as it sounds strangers will stop me and comment on my gait. 

Why? Because, apparently, I carry myself with confidence. 

Something about the way I hold my body (shoulders back? gaze forward?) conveys a level of feeling good about myself even on days I’m feeling “not so.”

Consider what standing tall or waking with confidence would look like for you.

And then do it. 

This isn’t a “fake it till you make it” thing either.

Choosing to hold our bodies in a bold, self assured fashion sends clear confidence messaging to our brains. 

And, when our brains believe it, we believe it, too. 

Write an I DID IT! list. 

Whenever my confidence is wavering I make time to create one of these. 

It can feel a little silly or self-congratulatory, but it always works!

I like to select a time-frame (typically the past week or so) and list every single thing I successfully completed.

The big stuff (conquering my fear of taking the car into the mechanic). 

The small stuff (finally returning the Target store purchases I’d left in my car trunk for months). 

And alllll the things in between. 

Remember, it’s human nature to devalue that which comes easily to us

Don’t do that. 

Write down every success until you cannot think of another.

Now pause and look at all you’ve accomplished. 

Talk to yourself. 

I am a big believer in the use of mantras.

I am powerful beyond measure or I make money with ease type stuff

This works…sort of.

New research indicates in order to have our brains integrate positive statements rapidly affirmations should be phrased as questions. 

How the heck did I get so powerful?” or “How on earth do I make money so easily?”

Our brains are hard-wired to respond to questions (brains seek answers!) without stopping to debate whether a query is valid or not!

I don’t know about you, but I’m all in for that research if it means my brain more quickly believes I’m a rockstar. 

And that's it!

3 swift ways to restore self confidence during days when even we question our capabilities.

And YOU?

What method(s) have you successfully used to reaffirm how much you rock?


Apr 10, 2019 • Posted by Doreen Mcgettigan

I purposely schedule 3 things each week that are out of my comfort zone. It’s such a boost to my confidence once they are completed. That good feeling is what keeps me scheduling more.

Apr 08, 2019 • Posted by Kristen

I’m still trying to get the walking thing figured out. Seriously. I figured out that the posture that feels the best and most self-assured is when the middle/lower back is straight, and sometimes I can manage it without feeling like I’m walking funny. Other times I feel conspicuous. Such a simple thing is actually pretty hard. But it does feel good when it works!

Apr 08, 2019 • Posted by Katy

Changing your stance really works! When I feel I need a bit of extra confidence I practice walking like a supermodel and it really helps to lift my mood.

Apr 08, 2019 • Posted by Haralee

Excellent tips. You are a rockstar!

Apr 08, 2019 • Posted by Lauren

I love this! I love mantras and walking tall. It’s al about a mind shift and perspective.

Apr 08, 2019 • Posted by Bryce Warden

When I attended my father’s funeral last September I constantly reminded myself to pull my shoulders back, head up and look straight ahead. It was a difficult day (for many complicated reasons beyond the obvious), that reminder to myself helped me to project strength and confidence.

Apr 08, 2019 • Posted by Pat

Great suggestions for affirming self-confidence. Standing straight, taking a deep breath and repeating that mantra always works for me too.

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