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Treat yourself or Give a gift. 

We get it. Prioritizing pleasure sounds nice, but it’s hard to do. That’s why we created Your Box Box. The power is in your hands. You do YOU. 

Our Mission

Your Box Box is more than a purveyor of pleasure products; we are a masturbation movement. A group of like-minded individuals who believe orgasms are not a luxury but a right and pleasure is the ultimate self-care. No judgies. All lovey. You do YOU. 

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I consider myself to be a “professional masturbator.” I use masturbation to deal with high levels of stress from my career as a performer, and it helps me get my body into a state of relaxation. Masturbation allows me to eliminate distractions and have laser focus. I cant wait for you to launch.

– Charlie

I'm emailing to let you know how excited I am about Your Box Box. I don’t know if I’m your target market, but I’ve always been curious about pleasure products (as you call them) and never known where to begin.

– Terrie

I have mentioned Your Box Box to several friends and clients. They all love the idea. I seriously have not been this interested or excited in a new product or box in years.

– Linda

I’m a big proponent of self love, which all my friends know, but many of them don’t know I sometimes missed classes in college because I just couldn’t tear myself away from my little friend, hahaha. I am excited for your launch!!

– Becki

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